“Today our daughter walked out of hospital cancer free after 9 months of chemotherapy and surgery for Rhabdomyosarcoma. Here’s the victory pic for you.”

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“A few months ago, I had a post that I was just starting chemo. Today I found out that my tumor shrank to about half its size and the cancerous nodules in my lungs are gone! Also I got to play with adorable kittens. It’s a good day 

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“This man attended the concert in Vegas. He is Dr. James Sebesta. He is a Surgeon, more importantly he is a good human being. When shots fired he looked at his wife and told her to get out with their friends to safety and he would meet them back at the hotel. Treatment was literally to get them out of there and stop any bleeding he could. He said he would just go person to person. He, in the midstSee More


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It’s my BIRTHDAY!” Finnegan James 

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