Devastated Husband Pulls Plug On Wife In Coma, Then Hears Her Whisper ‘I’m A Fighter.’

When Steven Pellettiere-Swapp found his mother, Lyndee, unconscious in their family home, he immediately called 911. After being rushed to the hospital, the 45-year-old woman fell into a coma. After 12 days she was completely unresponsive to outside stimulus. Unable to move or respond to anyone, the family prepared themselves for the worst. After they’d done all they knew to do, doctors recommended the family pull the plug on Lyndee.

Although they didn’t want to lose their mother, they wanted to honor her wishes to preserve her organs for donation and began preparing themselves for the ordeal ahead. Heartbroken, her children and husband sat and talked with Lyndee as they said their tearful goodbyes.

Though he knew he was about to watch his wife die, held on to hope that all was not lost.. and whispered these words in her ear.

“I need you to fight,” he said to her. “I need you to fight.”

Something about those words spurred Lyndee to respond despite her condition. It took all the strength she had left, but the strong momma stunned her husband when she whispered back, “I’m a fighter.”

Not long after she was taken off life support, Lyndee was fully conscious with no signs of her condition. Check out her story in the video below.

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#MUSTWATCH: Imagine making the painful decision take your unresponsive loved one off of life support…and they survive! This is Lyndee's story. She was in a coma, but what her family and doctors didn't know is she could hear discussions, even the ones doctors had with her family about the process of dying. Feel free to share.

Posted by YettaGibson on Thursday, March 3, 2016